Cutting edge coach tracking technology throughout LONDON AND THE SOUTH EAST

Have you ever wished you could keep a watchful eye on your child’s coach during a school excursion? Or perhaps you would find it useful to know exactly when a loved one, friend or business associate will arrive at their destination? With the cutting edge coach tracking technology available from The Swallow Coach Company the answers are at your finger tips. You can always pinpoint exactly where a particular vehicle is anywhere in our service area, London and the South East region.

We offer all our customers access to the Fleetmatics Tracker, that lets you follow the journey of your coach in real-time. This is a particularly useful feature, for example, if you are collecting children after a school trip and want to make sure the coach hasn’t been delayed by traffic. This system covers Europe as well as the UK – on booking you will be given a password that lets you access the system.

Cutting edge coach tracking technology

How our tracking system works

Using state of the art GPRS technology our tracking system provides incredibly detailed and accurate data on the whereabouts of your coach. By sending and receiving transmissions from a network of satellites, our sophisticated tracking system can determine the location of any vehicle in our fleet within seconds. 

The benefits of vehicle tracking

By utilising our vehicle tracking system, you can keep an up to the second watch on the progress of a journey. It’s perfect if you are waiting to collect someone from a drop off point or need to know exactly when your coach will arrive at its destination. Vehicle tracking also allows our team to better manage our routes and serve you better. 

Easily accessible technology

Keeping track of a coach journey has never been simpler! The software we use to monitor and track our vehicles is easily available on any smartphone or iPad type device. Peace of mind and reliable journey information is just a click away. 


Go to:
Username: swallow
Password: coach3056

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To find out more about our coach tracking technology in London and the South East, call our office today on 01708 630555.

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